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Letting You Go Forever- Response to Brenda’s Prompt Challenge Week 20-Regret

Misbah enjoys writing poetry and loves to convey the messages of Love through her poems.

No regrets

No regrets

The Back Stage Story

Brenda Arledge, a fellow Hubpages writer and a very good friend of mine whom I now call Bredz. She doesn't need an introduction; everyone is familiar with her. She gives us fantastic word prompts every week to help us enhance our creative abilities. She provided us the word prompt 'Regret' this week.

So, without further ado, here I am. I'm hoping Bredz and my other hubber friends will enjoy it.

The Love Was Pure

My beautiful sweetheart

is already far gone,

My beautiful love is already gone,

perhaps forever!

You were mine,

Yes, You were mine,

irresistibly bare and

brimming with passion.

Never I have you

The love was pure

never having to let this Love go.


But we parted…

And now, with the vibration,

in my heart...

I'm grieving your absence.

A person without hope

who has been sentenced to death

What am I going to do?

the wonder of creation, or

the radiance of your eyes

Are you ready for a fresh day?

Will you forget?

Everything that has vanished

I am lost in the valleys of sorrows

there is nothing left

everything has finished….

Like It has never existed...

unless in a Dream or

an Illusion…

Wake me up, it’s dark without you…

I want to ask you

the sincerity of love?

Silence, or even punishment,

is unbearable to me

If you still want to leave

do so with a kiss...

make this parting

easy for me!

I don’t want to live in regret

nor do I want you

to live that way!

I'm trying it all,

to erase your looks,

as well as your gestures

from my memory

why it appears challenging,

especially when you're around

and quietly walk away

without saying a greeting

Parting is never easy, but it is sometimes the only choice available. In love, be a fighter and work hard to achieve your love, but if you fail, make a memorable goodbye.

— Misbah

Letting go

Letting go

Letting You Go Without a Regret

I've let you go.

without any worries

It was never easy for me

to say Good Bye!

Surely I acted correctly:

two cities that are far apart,

two interconnected tales

Behind them, entangled stories

two worlds vying for a merger

It was, however, impossible.

At long last,

They had surrendered...

But I don't have any regrets:

I gave my heart and soul,

I achieved the unthinkable,

I've never been afraid.

natural tragedies, and

pushed back against the darkness

I have no regrets

because I lived my life

to the end, making every effort

even if I ended up losing,

I am satisfied.

I never gave up fighting.

to achieve what I desired

As a result, I feel no remorse.

Never be sorry for loving.

Love is perhaps

only one thing

that continues to provide aid

to broken hearts such as mine!

Sometimes we only meet to say good-bye. Never be sad about parting because sometimes parting is also a Blessing in disguise. When one door shuts, God opens another; all we have to do is wait and watch, trusting that whatever happened is for our goodness.

— Misbah

© 2021 Misbah Sheikh

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