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Letters to the Beloveds

Anupam, a poet at heart, a passionate learner,& a language trainer is devoted to each and every art. Loves to explore various poetry forms.


To My Late Grandfather

Dear Baba

I kept on calling you as 'Babuji' for a long time

As the young me considered you the universal father

And grandmother as the mother to everyone there,

Some times I was confused whether you were Baba,

Babuji as everyone addressed or just Bachha Babu

with what your friends and elders addressed you.

I still remember those days when you opened the post office

Even before the sun rose you were ready with your work

I have seen you segregating letters into different bags

Hiding from the corner of the doors of your divine place,

The postman uncle used to take the bags with mysteries inside,

Baba, you loved all the kids but never allowed them

To settle in your place of work even for a single minute

As we could tear the important paper, letters or notes,

You were the best man that I had ever seen in my life

As you treated everyone as dignified and significant,

In the family where people discriminated based on gender

You always showed great respect for every daughter

Maaji (Grandmother) as your wife has got the law and order

She was the one who took all the decisions in her favour

But you still used to have the style of some unique flavour

Wearing the khadi cotton dhoti and kurta you stay in our heart forever.

Your Mitba


To The Students

Dear students

I have not forgotten yet that I too was a student

And that student is alive within me at this moment,

From you dear, I don't feel myself any different,

That learning attitude and motivation is still persistent

Which brings me closer to you in this environment,

That inquisitivity with which you raise questions

In the form of various tides floods in my mind and heart too.

Today I have spent more than a decade meeting new sets

All of different colours of mind, interests and expectations

Learning something from me and leaving an experience

Teaching me something new in every of your presence.

At times I felt as a failure when couldn't give you presents

But realised later that you have already taken your gifts

In the form of whatever values I could print in your hearts.

Sometimes you forgot me, sometimes I forgot you in the race

But in the end the memories of the past gives my life an essence

I have still preserved a few love-filled letters of yours

Which are the only assets that I can leave after my death.

With Lots and lots of love

Your teacher

To My Stranger


Neither do I have any expectations nor any complaints against you,

I have not asked anything in return for my unconditional love too,

I just reached you while travelling in various terrains of my life,

I fell down on many roads tired with exertions breaking my hopes,

Still, I kept on running as if I had to find some worthy enticing stop,

While running when I almost covered the noon of my tedious life

And was to enter the dusk you arrived as a miracle taking me back

Your voice looked as soothing as the bells of temple,

It felt as if you have always been with me being a section of my soul

The charisma of your eyes hypnotised me with an intense call,

You came with a promise to let me taste every flavour of life

Spreading your heart for me as a sort of heavenly paradise,

I am unaware how long you can be with me on this road

Whether you will abandon me before my last breath

Or be there with me to give your breath at my death bed,

But my dear beloved, whatever I have received till date

I can never calculate. I can never calculate.

Your Devotee

© 2020 Anupam Mitu

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