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Letters Between St. Francis and Clare

My name is Jamie Lee Hamann and I started sharing poetry articles back in 2013. Every year I share a poem a day in April.


Letters Between Francis and Clare

Again my words not large or small enough.

I think about you every evening.

I put to bed non-spiritual stuff

a time I put away everything.

Our love, though true to heart of inner path,

is based upon our faith as our hearts sing.

Where once a garden from a mustard seed

has hardened into marble with our need.

When Francis talked to Christ in Cathedral

of San Damiano, “Francis my church?”

The fabric of his father sold in Fall

a beginning when God starts a search

in faith behind our love, behind our call

sits patiently like bird upon its perch.

Between his prayers and preaching to the poor

he threw his life onto piles on the floor.

Ours is a true relationship, Francis,

we have no secrets hidden in between

to fall in love again without a kiss

our spirits higher then they’ve ever been

our hearts and minds are open to God’s bliss

to forgive each other in times of sin

to know our prayers are for the common good

we try to be "one” light as we all should.

The first time I saw you sit still to preach

I found the one who also knew to pray

our communities always in our reach

and dedicate to service everyday

right now the “Poor Clares” spread their arms to teach

these poems kindness will always display

to share the tenderness in practical

routines of the poor and the miserable.

And you Francis? How are you doing now?

Your ministry is a display of pain

they do not understand your sacred vow

that suffering enhances with the strain

a quiet time when talks with God allow

the message that we keep our lives as plain

like wheat without the rain in fields of brown

that all of us together make the town.

I do not care if you were once noble

I only care that you are by my side

and our belief in God is immobile

our spirits held by light skillfully tied

the Holy Spirit here to ennoble

our serious prayers silently cried

let both of us stand and take others sins

and hold our tears as time of love begins.


© 2020 Jamie Lee Hamann