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Letters Between Darwin and Huxley

My name is Jamie Lee Hamann and I started sharing poetry articles back in 2013. Every year I share a poem a day in April.


1. A Back and Forth

My dear Darwin I'm writing this for your cause

by showing similar anatomy

your years of work I gladly give applause

strong observations of reality

your disciplined science gives me much pause

enlightening a path to God's beauty

to take a stand and witness what you've said

for you Darwin your text should be well read.

My dear Huxley I accept your support

I am feeling rather weary today

I watch my daughter build herself a fort

my study overlooking where they play.

My work has made it to the highest court

within the text lies what I have to say

this business fills me with anxiety

with regards to my Christianity.


2. The Argument

For both of us embedded in the Church

this argument has started quit a stir

there's validity in your research

your silent observations truthful, pure,

so many questions answered by your search

I will share the content not the author.

For text like yours are rare and hard to find.

these studies from a scientific mind.

I only shared the lists that I observed

with effort left out all opinions

I only tried to keep the facts preserved

this publication my only action

I pray that God sees who I truly served

I never meant to argue creation

I want a humble life with family

and pews on Sunday where I take a knee.


3. The Text Is Public Now

I sat with Bishops of the Church to hear

their arguments are weak and have no point

the fact that people read your text brings fear

I wish they had a stronger counter point

a revolutionary change is near

your facts can change the popular viewpoint

I carry words to fight this fear of change

a breath to new scientific exchange.

The text is public now and yours to read

but I am backing quietly away

to stay away from public eye I plead

in country home next to a fire I'll stay

to observe local flora and their seed

examine field mice migration and play.

I've offered my apologies to date,

so please, your dramas are yours to create.


3. To Study and Observe

I've worked upon our muscles and bones

examined how our vasculature works

when overlooking clergy and their moans

many connections within your text lurk

the details of eyes, their rods and their cones,

comparisons bubble up from the murk.

A birth, comparative anatomy,

a new fresh look at life on a Sunday.

To study and observe the facts of life

a dedication to a loving God

to scientific thought and loving wife

and loving children I have spare the rod

no longer set to sail the sea in strife

to find an island full of untouched sod,

for now I spend my time editing text

to change for others unwanted subtext.

Dear Darwin, though my letters have been sparse

I keep fighting for freedom through the facts

to ignore self righteous and their light farce

that ignores texts readers and these impacts

on world thought they misjudge the simple force

of our disciplined scientific acts

they cannot except our part in this world

or how human connections have unfurled.

© 2019 Jamie Lee Hamann

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