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"Lettered Memories"

By my writings, I hope to inspire you and make a difference in your life.


Emotion clings, as does the sun rays
gratitude encompasses this heart...
just another bulk of memories to relish within
tears dropped 'n fallen...
o'er pain outpoured a blissful rain
't was the sweetest...

Once ... a mystic friend had spoken,
"behold thy words from beyond doors opened
let metaphors, plain lines draw another image
let words slipped be as poetic and lovely as supposed".

Then, I, I must bear as meant
letting 'em tell what is supposed to be told
letting 'em do what is supposed to be done
True enough - that's what I did! all matters now
...gestures of love, prayer
...acts of generosity, care
...little big presents, flooding here 'n there.

Over-filled with the kindest words heard 'n received
from a hetero of those who stayed 'n still
...perfectly blend with those met just from a while,
in a distant mile
Got it! instantly clicked 'n so connected.

Yes, I supposed... 't was but a Nothing day
yet, drawn out extraordinaire - surprisingly!
passing carelessly caressed, almost idiomatically
and so, drawing 'em in sufficiently firm,
truly I am blessed.

"TODAY" will be lettered memories
soon, be decoratively written in papers
Until only then, you'll never be forgotten.
Dear, now or never will I forget you...
not even in my thoughts nor deepest prayers
... for on my 23rd, I was remembered.


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