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Letter: Thursday's Inspiration 23, to the Esteemed Writer Devika Primić

Manatita is an esteemed author living in London, UK. He writes spiritual books, flash fiction and esoteric poetry, his favourite genre.

Brenda Arledge on this week's Prompt 24

This week I've chosen the word "Letter" to be our word prompt.

Maybe it's a love letter, a 'Dear John' letter, or a 'Thank You' note.

Could be about receiving a letter from home while away, or receiving a Rejection or Acceptance letter on your latest submission.

Maybe it's a letter you received in high school like an Academic Achievement, or a Varsity Letter.

It might be the most recent grade you received in your class studies, or

a Monogram letter with your name or initials.

Maybe you are teaching your children or grandchildren to learn the 26 letters of the Alphabet using learning blocks with letters on each side..."

Brenda Arledge Prompt 24 is called 'Letter.'


Letter: An acrostic poem

Letter is the voice of moods or some respite,

Elucidating news that’s good and bad alike.

Tableted on key-boards; stones, or hearts that cry,

Tormenting many, and giving others Joy.

Erroneous are the ones where language wanes,

Rancid to the language lover’s great disdain.

Sample of a Love Letter, purely for Brenda's Prompt


Wisdom from the Master

"There's only one thing that is, was and ever shall be and that is Love. The Love that creates, the Love that nourishes and the Love that sustains God's Universe." - Sri Chinmoy


Letter To my Heart: A poem which also spells out the word 'Letter' in six of the seven stanzas

Loves’ cute voice, ever so gently,

Offered an eloquent letter to my Heart.

Hers was the Light of enduring sunsets,

Heralding the grandeur of twilight; to sparkle

Anew, like the glimmering sunrise of the morn.

Enveloped in Her gaze, the sun, moon and

Twinkling stars, were only shadows. I wept

Tears of joy, as one lost for a thousand years, and

Danced without limbs. All my memories of sorrowful

Thoughts and wasted emotions, dissolved in wings of Light.

To tell a sacred truth, I’m not afraid anymore!

We’re paired as One and even the heavens and

Goddess Gaia, are obedient to Your command, who will

Match the bewilderment of Thy smile? Now I know

Why Da Vinci’s Mona, is so immaculate and timeless.

Towering is Your silhouette, and so my longing cup

Hands, like a daffodil in prayer, bowing to receive Thy

Birthless kiss. Aww, how can I describe the wine that

Locks my tongue, inebriating my soul with its sweetness?

Resplendent are Thy rays, bathing my core with the arrow of Love.

Erroneous are those, who try to erase Your

Tenderness; the magical words You wrote; the nameless

Tapestry without equal under heaven. Your calligraphy

Is imbued with the ink of immortals; the intimacy of its delicate

Strokes, are a hundred times more exquisite than rainbows.

Rancour, to me, was a dark forest of loneliness,

Until You came, that is, licking the venom of my festering

Wounds, replacing them with Your effulgent Carousels. Sweet

Shyama, the fire of your unspoken parchment, has rekindled all

My hopes; I now cast asunder, all remnants of my broken dreams.

I reach for the all-illumining Light, the One that heals

Conjoined twins, such as my cobwebs and shadows, past regrets

Now fade into oblivion; I dine in the ecstasy, of Your ceaseless Love.

- Manatita, The Lantern Carrier. 5th August, 2021.

"Who says that gentleness is not real strength?" - Sri Chinmoy


Letter quote

"Letter writing is the only device, for combining solitude with good company." - Lord Byron. Note: May not be the writer's thoughts.


Letter to my Heart, by Manatita

© 2021 manatita44

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