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Letter - 24th Prompt from Brenda Arledge

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Brenda Arledge has given Hubpage authors a 24th prompt, which is “letter”. She reads what we write and gives us feedback, so what more could we ask?

There are many things we can think of about that prompt, but I thought of the practice of writing letters, like we did when I was young,

Handwritten letters are usually written using cursive. However, people seldom write letters anymore, and I have heard that many schools do not teach cursive writing. I find that very sad. These children will even have difficulty reading a historical document or ever writing a letter using cursive handwriting.


Acrostic Poem

Letters can always be kept forever

Each word we love touches our heart

To take the time to write to loved ones

Telling them how much they are missed

Each word relays our love and feelings

Remembering to send our precious love

How to Write a Friendly Letter


Cursive Letter Writing

Texting our friends is so popular today

A quick call on the cell phone is okay

Communicating quickly is here to stay

Family and friends always find a way

Letters express our loving heart

Some people can not even start

Writing letters takes some time

Sometimes we use words that rhyme

The sad lost art of our letter writing

Keeps us in touch to allow no fighting

Beautiful cursive may not be taught

Writing a letter, expressing a thought

Children aren't taught to write a letter

Surely the teachers can do much better

Cursive writing is becoming a lost art

Reading and writing is very smart

Brad Paisley - Letter To Me

© 2021 Pamela Oglesby

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