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Let's Climb up to the Floor of Garden

Our life is to be a proper human life which cannot be established without struggles or efforts. But a strong willpower can help us climb up.

Let's Climb Up The Floor of Garden

This is the first step of my trip

Where I enjoy being able to leap.

My steps that follow that one,

I think all are uncertain to be fun.

The floors that I like to step on

Are likely to be richer than the bygone.

And I don't know but hope ahead

That I won't need to be that sad.

The more I dream aren't all absurd.

Some of them I like to be heard.

The floor I am now is quite decent;

But, to limit my will is something I can't.

I like to think about all the floors ahead.

If my will supports me, will that be bad?

The freedom of thoughts is not a burden,

I'll like to climb up to the floor of garden.

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