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Lets Party

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A Great Visit At The Dentist

Time to celebrate

I had a dreaded dentist appointment

My teeth feel good

After a nice deep cleaning

I don't know about anyone else

Dentists make me squeamish

I have always brushed my teeth

I have to learn to floss more

No cavities

After lots of self pep talks

I can do this

Here is a few tips I want to pass on

Tip #1 Try to limit the soda or tonic you drink

Soda or tonic might taste good

It is like battery acid for your teeth

Not good

Tip #2 If you chew sugar free gum

It helps prevent cavities

Tip # 3 Floss, floss, floss

Gum health prevents gum disease

We don't want that

Tip #4 Don't forget to brush your teeth after meals

Even after a snack

Tip #5 Keep an extra tooth brush and dental floss in your pocketbook or car

Use when needed

I could tell you more

But I don't think you would listen anyway

I am very happy

My own little paradise

My next check up in six months

It comes quick

I am shooting for no cavities

Two times in a row

I am feeling so good

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