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Lets Keep the Faith Alive

Keeping our faith alive

Keeping our faith alive

Are we really showing our faith, as much as we post our beliefs about worldly things?

That hit me hard; for we are so quick to talk about politics,

pop culture or Kim Kardashian, that we really forget the important topics;

Are we really that afraid to talk about what's important?

I see this all the time, even I am guilty of it;

I over think about what others see in me; that I lose myself to the wrong crowd,

scared of the confrontation and letting others know I am blessed to have this love;

It kills me how fearful I can get or how easy it is to let the fear get the best of me.

Just a reminder, you don't need the validations of others;

the only truth you need to follow is your heart.

As in the scripture from Isaiah 54:17

says "No weapon that is formed against me shall prosper"

This is true; follow the words and keep your faith strong.

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