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Lets Do This Now

Thank You All For Being Here

Every day does not have to be the extreme

It can be easy as pie

A sweet thought to ponder

A feeling of wonder

Not go big or go home

Enjoying this time we have together

The news will make you crazy

Three days of rain can make you lazy

A little today and more tomorrow

Sometimes there is no right or wrong

Just a different way to spend your day

It's like having breakfast for supper

Bacon and eggs will do just fine

So many thoughts going through my head

We make our day different

By cutting here and extending there

Trying to do things that matter the most

When we see chaos

We don't have to make it part of our life

No second-guessing

Going with our instincts

What we take away from the day

Behind the scenes

Think on your feet

Make life a little messy

In the end, it really is something special

No cold feet

Why not, make things up as we go

First thing I want to do

Write my heart out

As I listen to a cricket and firework combo

It only gets better

When we share life together

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