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Let’s Choose To Be Happy

Chitrangada loves to express her moods and emotions, through her poems. Most of her poems are free style and spontaneous with Nature at core

Let’s choose to be ‘Happy’

Let’s choose to be ‘Happy’

Word Prompt: Happy

Weekly Word Prompt 54– Happy

Who doesn’t want to be always ‘Happy’?

If given a choice, everyone will choose ‘Happiness’ over sadness or unhappiness.

But how many of us realise that we can choose to be Happy or sad.

Yes—To be or not to be ‘Happy’ is a choice, and it has to be developed consciously by our own self.
Life is not always a bed of Roses, and that I say in the literal sense. Rather, life is a combination of ups and downs, pleasure and pain.
Not a single person can claim that he/ she has never been through hard and difficult times.
But, we must remember that being happy or sad are two sides of the same coin, and we have to deal with both, in this journey of life.
Therefore, we have to find reasons to be happy.
For different people, there can be different ways to keep themselves happy.
For a child, it could be his/ her playing time, for a young girl, it could be a beautiful gift from her partner, for an elderly couple, it could be their grandchildren and so on.
It could be anything, money, wealth, fame, power, kids, love, good food, family, friends, awards, celebration, traveling and so many other reasons for being happy.
In the following poem, I have tried to convey my reason to be happy.
Yes, being amidst Nature makes me happy.
Thank you Brenda for providing another interesting word Prompt.

I hope you like this one.

Happy to be amidst Nature

Happy to be amidst Nature

Nature Makes Me ‘Happy’—Poem

The heavenly and clear blue sky,

The gentle, aromatic breeze,

The chirping of the birds,

The fluttering butterflies,

The blossoms from my garden,

The greens, as far as the eyes can see,

The flowing river, the roaring waves,

The quietness of the mountains,

The gorgeous water falls, and the blissful rain,

The bright Sunrise and the crimson Sunset,

The glowing Moon and the sparkling stars,

The cool snow, the deep forests, and the colourful fall,

The precious gifts of the Almighty,

The ‘Nature’ makes me ‘Happy’

Happiness can also be found in a hot cup of spice tea and pakoda on a rainy day

Happiness can also be found in a hot cup of spice tea and pakoda on a rainy day

Happy—Acrostic poem

Happiness is a choice,

Always spread love and happiness,

Plant more trees and care for environment,

Pleasure is in helping others,

You can choose to be happy.

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2. Spreading Happiness

© 2022 Chitrangada Sharan

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