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Lethal, Not Lethal

The mind of a man is his keenest sword,
'Tis possessed by angels and evil horde;
It's light or darkness for a man to hone,
Could be vice, could be virtue, its whetstone

A sword's shedding blood, sometime it does not
Set the good to life, or let him to rot,
Set the bad to life, or let him be sealed,
Order or chaos, a mind holds the field

Whoever keeps the soul and body's pact
Has two hearts to follow what is to act:
Shall a man bring the heaven here, unfold,
Or shape the hell for planet to behold

Kindness and respect is a good man's sign,
Rudeness and taboo in demonic line ;
Would mind be lethal, and sins ever last
Or it would be not, to love and be just?

© 2019 Eyji Noblesmith

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