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Let Peace Prevail

I stood staring at the world

and wondered how it had changed over the years.

From the time when peace prevailed everywhere

and everyone lived happily,

to the time when peace got lost somewhere

and the world got shattered heavily.

Everyone is killing one another,

all the countries are destroying each other.

Surely, there must be humanity left in some,

I wish I could live in a world which is less troublesome.

No one is helping each other,

no one is caring for one another.

I don't know what is the benefit of all this,

you only commit sins by behaving like this.

The reason for all these things is hatred and pride,

there was no one who really cared when the people of Rohingya cried.

I hope all these bad intentions gets fail,

And once again we get to live in a world where peace prevails.

-Haaris Jameel

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