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Let the Bloom, Bloom!


When in sadness you bloom
Or its the sadness that blooms?
When in life everything dooms
Or is it the doom that blooms?

When in tears you bloom
Or are they the tears that bloom?
When in despair the hope blooms
Or is the hope that always blooms?

When in the darkest night stars bloom
Or are they only stars that bloom?
When in happiness the heart blooms
Or is it only the happy heart that blooms?

When in loneliness those memories bloom
Or are those memories only that bloom?
When in sorrow the flower blooms
Or is it just the flower that blooms?

When in the rain the valley blooms
Or is the valley alone that blooms?
When in sunshine the birds bloom
Or are the birds always bloom?

Nothing can bloom if not the bloom that blooms!
Just bloom whenever you can,
Without waiting for the bloom to bloom!
Coz' you are after all not yet doomed!

So let the bloom, bloom!

© 2019 Tajwer Shakir