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Let the Chips Fall Where They May


The only thing guaranteed in life

Is that you will stumble and fall

What happens next, no one can choose

That is completely your call

When I was a youth, both my parents

Had a total of twenty-five cents

That’s not enough to hold you down

I speak from experience

I’m no millionaire now

But I call myself a success

I traveled the world playing basketball

And passed my college tests

There are some who had it worse than me

But before you leave please hear my plea

Believe it or not, the future can be

As bright as the stars in the galaxy

The things you take for granted

Like friends and family

Are more than enough to reach your dreams

Just walk forward and you'll see

Who knows what’s in store

On the path that lies ahead

You'll never reach the mountaintop

If you let your dreams go dead

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