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Let That Be

The author yearns to be a cheerful person and have a peaceful yet satisfying life.


For once I want to feel the air on my face
The fragrance of a sweet morning
The touch of the twigs that surround my feet
There is nothing more to life
I always thought
Was always in my cocoon
Did not try to flourish out
Ang explore the world
Need not worry about being happy
Happiness comes with success I was instructed
Why worry about having a good night slumber
When the meds can do the job
Always under the burden of unwanted work that made my life a Purgatory
Alone in a known city with unknown people by my side
He just wanted to let it all go for once
He wants to breathe the air of liberty for once
He just wants a life of an infant
With no worries in mind
A bicycle ride to a hill
And a bungee jump down the edge
That's all he wishes for
On his 50th birthday
Cause he had spent a whole lot of his life
Unknown about the true joy of letting go of things.

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