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Let Us Love Forever

Poetry is turning out to be a very cathartic medium, I should do this more often.

Set the Mood


You enter the room and fill the air,

With the intentions of your passions ever so fair.

Every step taken mindful, and with gentle care,

Gazing upon me and my eager stare.

I sit upon the edge of the bed waiting with glee,

Barely anything covering the soft skin I wish to see.

You draw in close, and with grace straddle me,

Timidity is now gone and I’m delighted at its flee.

Throw me back against the bed,

How did we get here, what was said?

Kiss me gently upon the head,

Warmth in my face causing it to turn red.

Show me now what is within your mind,

Lead me slowly as if I were blind.

My hands against your chest like you wish to bind,

As we disrobe and our love begins to unwind.

I hope that this moment will never pass,

I’m lost in your body and we see through like glass.

Safe from the world and all that is crass,

Within every stroke, the peak of ecstasy we surpass.

May our love for one another never end,

And our will to love never weaken nor bend.

Let us share our hearts and never seek to rend,

Only grow together and forever mend.

Life Is Fleeting

Life is short and could come to its conclusion at any moment, when it does I don't want to go thinking that I could have done so much more. Physical, emotional, spiritual love brings light to my dark days and immersing myself in the being of another is freeing from the thought of that inevitable conclusion. Every day should be spent making love to the world, making love to the words you put on to the page, and making love with yourself.

Life is fleeting, but love is forever. So make sure you indulge your heart today, and every day that comes to pass.