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Let Us Bury Our Secrets - Response to Word Challenge

Umesh is a freelance writer contributing his creative writings on varied subjects in various sites and portals in the internet.


Our fellow hubber, Brenda Arledge, every week gives us a word to inspire and motivate us to produce some creative piece of writing and the word given for this week is 'secrets'.

Most of the people in this world are keeping some secrets deep in their hearts. It could be anything of any nature like personal, financial, social, political, or related to physical disability.
It is difficult to explain the reasons as to why people keep secrets in their hearts but there could be different reasons for doing that varying from Individual to Individual. Actually, when someone is hiding something from others it means he has some apprehensions for which he thinks that it should not come out in open publicly. In many cases, it is related to some personal ego or personal information or in extreme cases, it could also be some criminal activity.
Though having secrets is very common in human beings but it has a darker side also. Many times people suffer because of hiding some secrets deep in their hearts and always worrying as if what will happen if someone comes to know about them. Living in such continuous stress and tension of mind is not a good thing. If it is so then it will always be better to bury those secrets and forget about them. Sometimes, it may look a bit surprising thing, but even disclosing them to other people doesn't bring any harm or any bad situation to the keeper of that secret. In many cases, the person keeping the secrets might be having wrong apprehensions about the whole thing.
This set of two poems including one acrostic poem is an effort to bring all the above ponderings and thinking about the secrets and ways to get rid of them. Why keep unnecessary tensions and stresses in our minds when we can very well live without them happily and joyfully.

Let Us Bury Our Secrets

Secrets are inevitable,
And are parts of our lives.
They are there since childhood,
Like the soul in our body thrives.

It is difficult to understand,
The psychology of secrets.
Why we have them and,
Keep them in deep pockets.

Children have secrets,
Of innocent nature.
But when they become adults,
Their secrets also turn mature.

Everyone will have some secrets,
Keeping them in a mysterious cage.
But when they are unearthed,
They could be a matter of disgrace.

Why can't we live in this world,
Just like an open book.
Where there on no secrets,
And no stories to cook.

We must nip in the bud,
The secrets in the forming.
That would make us trouble free,
When we get up every morning.

Let us bury the secrets,
In the deepest place around.
So that we don't get from it,
Even a whispering sound.

An acrostic poem - secrets

Shame of mistakes done,

Easily generates secrets.

Caring to hide them,

Retains them to inlets.

Experiencing the pain,

Torture and continuous stress,

Slowly what the person gets.


© 2021 Umesh Chandra Bhatt

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