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Must We Bid Farewell to Mother Earth


Climate change, those who advocate, others rearrange,

Making no claim of any such is not meaning very much.

All while our Mother Earth is dying, no one is even trying,

Many species gone for good, no one acts as they should.

Thank our Mother for all she's given through all the years,

If only she could show how it hurts her, to shed her tears.

Her once pristine and bluest oceans no longer may endure,

Blessed air breathed by all creatures, no longer to be pure.


Just as any caring mother so has wished for her own brood,

A chance at a life unimpaired, a secure existence to include.

How may this come about, through selfishness, such greed,

Could this planet remain unscathed, in fulfilling every need?

So rapidly in motion, a total demise, of minor harm, a notion,

How much longer our Mother may last, secured by devotion.

The blue planet, turning night and day, her death not far away,

At the hands of only a few, the wealthy powerful, to our dismay.


We must wake up now from this ruse, end our sleeping,

No promises we're each keeping, as if we all hibernate.

Everyone in a gravest peril, act soon before all is sterile,

Our losing all of our own lives then, in reality, it's too late.

Stand up, is enough of this terrible waste, make haste,

All of our neglecting to have been the greatest mistake.

If we do not decide upon our better course so very soon,

Our Mother Earth's own heart is most certainly to break.


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