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"Let Us Be"

On the Wings of Life!

Let the doors of life swing open
and history embrace itself.
Let the ancestors speak of long ago
when we stood on the banks of humanity
peering into a world not yet born.
Let the voices of those long gone whisper of our
strength, courage and fortitude.
Let the now that is us arise, with the clarity of
hope and what could be,
for we are the swallows of history gracefully
gliding through time,
the rebirth of a thousand generations standing on the
tips of monuments created with our own hands.
Let us breathe in the air of freedom, justice,
equality, liberation and the hope of generations to come,
for we are the stone in the sand,
the landscapes and terrain, we are the trunk that lifts the
tree of life peeking into the universe once again,
we are history incarnate.


© 2017 Karen Russell

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