Let Them Out!

Updated on March 24, 2018
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I live a few miles from the ocean, with my husband and our 3 boys. I always make an effort to spread kindness and light wherever I go.

When I feel rage I scream; pain, I cry.

So does that make me weak inside?

I'll tell you what – it makes me strong.

I know what you're thinking. You're thinking I'm wrong.

So you think I'm wrong, but I know I'm right.

At least I go on. At least I fight.

Why not scream or cry if that's how you feel?

If you don't get it out then how do you deal?

Do you let it build and crush you inside?

Why do you do that? Why do you lie?

You lie to yourself and you lie to your friends.

Your spirit stretches, twists, and bends.

But keep it up and your spirit will break.

Don't worry then, because then it's too late.

So laugh when you feel good. Cry when you're sad.

Dance when you're happy. Scream when you're mad.

Let it all out and take a deep breath.

Smell that? It's LIFE – much sweeter than death.

© 2018 Angela Tagliamonte


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