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Let The Water Drip

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Rolling Sleep Out Of My Left Eye

Our cat Charlotte insisted I get up

She jumped over our heads on our bed

Quickly nudging me with her nose

As I pay no attention

Persistent as she is

She soon began to nibble lightly at my fingers

At this point

I realized how good she was

Forcing my hand

I had to play

She wouldn't let me fold

Once up she would follow under my feet

She would stop at nothing

I checked her food and water

Everything is fine

I looked out our kitchen slider

All I could see and hear

Was that water drip

Charlotte now racing back and forth

i think she wanted to tell me something

I am not going to open the slider

It is raining outside

As I continued to back away

Charlotte once again made me notice

I pulled out a chair

Next to my laptop

Where i typed these very words

Only to see our Charlotte lay down

Working real hard to make herself nice and comfy

Within two minutes she is sound asleep

With my eyes still half-closed

I barely can see what I am doing

As I type a few more lines

Pulling a loose eyelash out

The ground and deck all wet

I am happier than ever

To be inside and dry

I have been played and taken advantage of

Charlotte got her way

A little after six-thirty in the morning

Charlotte made me wake up

Like it or not

Yawning we will go

Hello to all you early risers

How do you do it?

Going to bed before nine every night

Just to begin earlier

While so many people are sleeping and dreaming

You start your day