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Let Me Share A Secret

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Let me share a secret with you, my love.

Our last day together,

you wanted me to nap so that I would be happy and comfy.

You love it when I nap because you know how much I love and long to be sleeping all day.

The thing was that I wanted to sleep very badly.

But, sleeping would mean missing moments with you.

Laughing in the car.

Sharing silence.

Making odd noises at each other.

Jamming along to music together.

Having deep conversations or talking about nothing at all.

I would've miss all these moments together, if I would've slept.

Believe me, my dear.

Sleep was calling my name and beckoning me.

But my time with you is worth more, than the extra time to sleep.

So, the secret, my love, was that I lied about being tired.

I didn't want you knowing how much I wanted to sleep because I wanted to cherish my time with you.

And it was worth every minute.



© 2019 Ashley