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Let Me Pray

It started as hobby, then published my works in souvenirs, now entering the international arena writing has become my passion. Encourage me.


Let me know Thy,
Let me love Thee,
Let my life be Blessed,
Let my thoughts be Divine.

Let my wish be Yours,
Let me plead, Your Forgiveness,
Let me in Your open Arms,
Let me be free of Sins.


Let me be punished for all Misdoings,
Let me not covet Temptations,
Let me have the power to Forgive,
Let me discern, right from Wrong,

Let me harbour the poor and Needy,
Let me be friend to All,
Let me reach You in Tiredness,
Let me serve Your Messages.

Let me not follow the Evil,
Let me not hurt You Mother,
Let me meet You Father,
Let Thy Kingdom Come.


Let me show Your Light to All,
Let me prepare for Eternity,
Let me know Thy Truth,
Let me feel the Divine Love.

Let the days be Enlightened,
Let me perform in Purity,
Let me dream You my Lord,
Let my stream meet Your Ocean,
Let me bathe in Celestial Bliss.


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