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Let Her Smile

I don’t know why I should let things go
Life ahead is unknown but the past is always mine
I see a bullet coming for my friend’s father
with but only the grace of time
A mother woke up and it was true
her son was really gone
While a royal wedding made everything seem fine

I’m sick to my stomach if you must know
I can’t depend upon the world to do right anymore
I’m glad she’s happy wearing her crown
At least someone has a good day in store
Across the pond the questions begin
with answers even anger knows are wrong
For deadly hearts hate us all even more

Lately the sun only seems to feel cold
Even though my feet blister on sidewalks below
Can it be true the is no answer around
I hear the prayer we all know
But your will remains silently sleeping
while we sing another sad song
Is her smile bigger than my faith can grow?

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