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Lest It Becomes a Waste


I like adding life to lifeless lives that is why I cannot do without creative writing, because it is a way of touching some hopeless lives


1. He has just left

His master, he has

Been an apprentice learning

Hunting for a while

2. With his master he

Has traveled to different

Places all over the

World on hunting spree

3. This is his first

Trip to the wilderness

For hunting since time

He left his master

4. Experience as an independent

Hunter is different from

The experience one has

When one is apprentice

5. The wilderness was silent

As if the animals

Had met and declare

An holiday for all

6. He kept walking in

Wilderness searching for his

Prey but he is

Yet to be lucky

7. Was about to give

Up when he saw

Movement of the bush

Hide to see better


8. It is a deer,

He strategically place self

Before firing to hit

It at right place

9. He opened his fire

On animal, it hits

It shouted and started

Running away from spot

10. Hunter knew the animal

Has been hit but

Contrary to his thought

Animal didn’t die there

11. He got to the

Spot, look around and

See blood on the

Ground started tracing it

12. It would become maggots

Food wherever it stops

Falls and die if

It is not traced

13. He trailed its blood

Meters from the spot

He found the lifeless

Boyd of the animal there

14. He cuts the animal

Puts it in hunters

Bag and set to

Return to his abode


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