Lessons of Love

Updated on November 29, 2019

"The Way You Make Me Feel"

"The Way You Make Me Feel"

Weakened by the strength of your love

I cling to the sound of your voice

That's the way you make me feel.

Humbled by every assertion of your orchestra, your vigor, your poise.

That's the way you make me feel.

Melodious rhythms from the song of your heart flows vibrations of ecstasy igniting life through every essence of my being.

That's the way you make me feel.

You are my passion, my dance, my holiday, my consolation, my tranquility.

That's the way you make me feel.

Lessons of Love Article

"The Way You Make Me Feel" is a poem I wrote to someone I was in love with, but wasn't in love with me. I thought he loved me, at least that's what he told me. But he wasn't. The funny thing about it was that I knew he wasn't because my brief but past experience with him told me that he didn't love me, but because our previous time together was brief, I ignored my gut. I ignored what seemed to me as a manipulator, or maybe a runner, and I said to myself, " Maybe I misread him." I pushed everything I knew about him from my gut way to the back of my mind and decided to give him a chance to prove my gut wrong.

It was great at first. He was very attentive, very loving, very caring. He couldn't go to bed or allow me to go to bed without saying goodnight. He couldn't wait to wake me and wish me good morning. He called and checked on me throughout the day. He was very sensitive and knew when something was wrong. He cared about me as a person, always asserting himself to know, understand and nurture. I could actually cry and vent with him and I was ok with it. You see, I'm not a crier. I am a strong person and I rarely unveil my emotion.

Well, I could around him. In the midst of being strong for everyone and around everyone, I could be weak around him, and it was ok. I felt safe. I rarely feel safe. You see, I'm a single parent who was a victim of domestic violence. I won't go into that whole story, it was years ago, but I am the bread winner, the head of household, and fought long and hard for my children to have a normal life. Now they are adults and we are fine. I said all that so you can understand what I mean about feeling safe. It's very important to me, physically and emotionally.

Like I said, it was great! I ignored my list. You know the list of qualifications of that special someone. Because of the way he treated me, I didn't care about the list. The list was what I wanted, but he was what I needed, and so I wrote the poem. I found myself losing myself in him again, very quickly which was very familiar territory because that's what happened the first time, but I was sure it would last this time, because he was doing all the right things. We actually took the time to know one another. We put time into our relationship. All was going well until one day, I didn't hear from him. I had a feeling in the pit of my stomach, but it was only one day, so I ignored the feeling. The next day went by and then another and then another. By then, I was worried that something was wrong. Low and behold, he was ill. He called and apologized and the romance started back up. I didn't realize that this was the beginning of the great pulling away. The same thing happened once again and finally, the calls just stopped.

There's more to the story, but the bottom line is that I already knew that would happen. That's the same experience I had with him before. Well not exactly, but close enough. The difference is that before, I had only known him for about three weeks to a month , but that time gave me a taste of how wonderful he was, so I thought. It ended too soon and didn't give me a chance to really know him. The problem is that I already knew him, but I ignored what I knew.

So, here I am again, heartbroken, because I thought he was what I needed. So the Lesson of Love here is to not ignore my gut. The Lesson of Love is also that people are who they are, and when choosing a significant other, we have to stop ignoring who people are and decide early on whether or not we want to subject ourselves to the "who". Finally, my Lesson is to stop ignoring my list. There's nothing wrong with my list, and I'm going to stop allowing others to make me feel guilty about my list. I have a list. My list is apart of who I am, and anything outside of my list won't work, at least that's what my experiences have taught me.

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    • Harmonious-waters profile imageAUTHOR


      9 months ago

      Thanks Lorna, for the encouragement. I’m still learning after several years that there is a lesson for me to learn from all of my experiences. I’m finally getting that one.

      Thanks again

    • Lorna Lamon profile image

      Lorna Lamon 

      9 months ago

      Such a beautiful and sensitive poem, and I'm sorry your experience was not what you had hoped for. Sometimes we let our hearts rule our heads, however, sticking to our gut feeling is usually the best way to go.


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