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Lessons From the Past - Response to the Word Challenge by Brenda Arledge

Umesh is a freelance writer contributing his creative writings on varied subjects in various sites and portals in the internet.


This poem is in response to the word challenge 'lesson' given by our fellow hubber Brenda Arledge inspiring us to use it in producing some creative writing.

I have tried to create a poem on 'lessons from the past' and written the poem in two parts. The first part is full of apprehensions and doubts that come in our mind when we are not able to incorporate the lessons learnt in past to our future activities and feel that life had been a wasteful exercise. The first part has definitely a note of pessimism and defeat but it is also true that many people encounter these setbacks in their lives time to time.

The second part of poem is in an acrostic form and is in a way an answer to the first part. I hope readers would like this presentation.

Poem part - 1: Questions we often have

Childhood memories, full of mistakes,
Enjoying life, there was no stake.
Classmates behavior was taken on the face value,
There was nothing like real or fake.

Growing young was a pleasant surprise,
But mistakes were getting converted to blunders.
Not distinguishing between right and wrong,
Wasting time in emotional thunders.

Adulthood came with much more challenges,
Could not differentiate between love and lust.
Life became aimless with no direction in it,
How not to make mistakes had to be learnt first.

The phase of correction and rectification started,
The past actions seemed to be a great waste.
Lessons learnt were like a Pandora box,
How to use them was like a questioning blade.

At that fag end, lessons got accumulated,
Only to remind, the past follies and mistakes.
Where is the time to learn from them now,
Life is very short and there are no stakes.

Some lessons we should learn in life in time

Poem part - 2: Answer in an acrostic poem form

Learning from mistakes is essential,
Encapsulating us from risks in future.
Some people learn from mistakes,
Some others consider it as fate's torture.
Only those who correct their ways,
Neutralize the destiny's signature.

© 2021 Umesh Chandra Bhatt