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Lessons From the Heart of Man

Wild horses free to roam...

Wild horses free to roam...

Proudly and so brave, the Native people all do now together stand,

Representing the greatest of courage, held inside, its very essence.

Strongly they protest, the injustice, a message so sent to all the land,

Nevermore to ignore this disgrace, and allow the greed, its presence.

Purest waters free from waste...

Purest waters free from waste...

War hardened veterans have now joined their cause, and its real meaning,

Withstanding the harshness of a cold Winter's blasts, a harmful intervening.

Now the world does see, the ugliness, destruction, of overwhelming factors,

As powerful arms are brandished there, visible for all to witness, its actors.

No longer a single man's journey...

No longer a single man's journey...

Now, no longer a journey of a single man or woman, a challenging feat,

But in its entirety is shouldered by one and all, until its cause is complete.

No longer is a control of the masses by a few, their own interest at stake,

United efforts of a greatest nation, its own defenders, a statement to make.


United we all stand, and by the same token, as divided we may fall,

This country, created by people of many colors, is accepted by all.

Under the precepts of our constitution, we each have equal rights,

No one man or unscrupulous group, may govern, beyond all's sights.


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