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Lessons From The Wildflower—Poem

Chitrangada likes to express herself by writing fiction and poetry. Her writing reflects her mood and is inspired by the beauty of nature.

A beautiful wildflower, growing alongside my garden.

A beautiful wildflower, growing alongside my garden.

Lessons From The Wildflower: Poem

You grow along the highways,

On dry and dirty roads,

You are a sign of life,

Along the rocks and stones,

You can be imperfect,

Yet confident, and happy,

You can peep out,

From among well groomed roses,

You are strong,

You are beautiful,

You don’t care,

About the neglect or unkept,

You teach the lesson,

Of giving joy,

And, in return,

Don’t expect anything,

Be it the scorching heat,

Of the summer,

Be it the pouring monsoon,

Or the cold winter,

You come from no where,

And spread everywhere,

Just to show the signs of life,

To living beings, who are in strife,

It’s easy, and yet not so easy,

To be a wildflower,

You are pulled out, weeded out,

Yet you show power,

You define sustainability,

You grow again, and again,

Nature is sustainable,

Nature is indestructible,

Be like a wildflower,

Ignore the ignorance,

Celebrate your imperfections,

And stand tall,

Among the discriminations.

Wildflowers growing along the highway

Wildflowers growing along the highway

Be Like a Wildflower

The Oxford dictionary meaning of Wildflower is— A flower of an uncultivated variety, or a flower growing freely, without human intervention.

Like every other person, I admire the beauty of the well cultivated, well maintained flowers in the garden.
But, every now and then, the wildflowers attract my attention.
How do they grow without any care, no watering, no maintenance—This is something, which makes me wonder.
Sometimes, the form and colour of the wildflowers are so pretty, it’s difficult to imagine, how do they sprout, grow, and spread again and again, in spite of being weeded out, so many times.

”Like Wildflowers,

you must allow yourself to grow,

in all the places, people thought,

you never would.” —E. V.

Wildflowers growing alongside a building.

Wildflowers growing alongside a building.

© 2020 Chitrangada Sharan

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