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Less Differed, more Preferred!

Less Differed,More Preferred

Of different vibes our environment is made,

Which are in white and black shades,

We have a choice,

Whether we wanna attract hell or a paradise.

Our mind has the power to choose,

It has the power to refuse.

If we have a mind of a divine,

With colours of joy our life will glow and shine.

If we have a mind of a hell,

Colours of joy and positivity will fade and repel.

What we wanna be around?

What we want to attract, a thorn or a rose?

Yes, with positive vibes, we always wish to be surrounded,

We always want to be near its source.

We always want to be in its contact.

Towards positive vibes we all get attracted.

And we always want to be away from the depraved.

From it we always want to be saved.

So from a deprave mind all stay distant.

So in you when positive vibes are abundant,

In your surroundings positive energy you will radiate.

Which would be absorbed and your surroundings will acquire similar traits.

For that positivity we all yearn,

And to get it, towards its source we all run,

What if we become the source and positive we start to think and feel,

This will make our dreams run towards us and would get real from reel,

They would feel our positive rays,

And get attracted to them and would be eager to chase.


Magnet Of Positivity Attracting The Same.

Magnet Of Positivity Attracting The Same.

It is always believed that like minds always get along,

They share a bond that is unbreakable and strong.

When internally between the two, lesser the gaps are,

Externally too, gaps become less and both are no longer far.

So there’s a relation that’s direct,

The inside, is what the outside just reflects.

And so when thoughts and traits of positivity we display,

With us things having similar positive traits stay.

And thus, joy and happiness gets nearer,

Our life becomes merrier.

We will be away from anguish and worry,

As they are negative in nature and thus from them our traits vary.

So when there’s positivity within,

From negativity we are ridden.

So be a sun and with the light of positivity shine and glow,

And with your light of positivity create shadows of joy and ecstasy so that wherever you go, they always follow.

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