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Leprechauns of Loch-Lamoura


Evidence of ability is the ripples in time produced from its inception. effects are measured by people touched throughout eturnity.

For St Patty's Day
The Leprechauns of Loch-Lamoura

In the land of Loch-Lamoura in the village of Turlarmay
Lives a clan of little people, whom work hard every day
They’ve a pot of gold you see that they fill time and time again
And use a small amount to buy their ale and yes, perhaps some gin

Each day before the sun is up, to work thell be on their way
For to make fun worth the having, it must be earned along the way
With tiny picks and shovels; they set about their daily Task
And dig for gold to fill their pot, and buy the clothes upon their backs

some of the gold theyll use to buy the seed to plant the fields
And another portion used to buy meat and flour for their meals
You’ll never hear a single word against the work they do each day
For they know, to live life to its fullest, for them it’s the only way

Now in over 400 years people have searched for their pot of gold
Using tricks to guile and catch a leprechaun, like Gin so I am told
But the leprechauns are savvy and have seen their tricks before
And the pot of gold has not been found and thought to be of lore

But if you find yourself walking in the forest rich and green
Best Keep your eyes peeled wide, in case a leprechaun be seen
If you were to find him unawares and he grants you wishes three
Remember that the gold you seek, still with its owners be
Wish for health and family, for that’s where true wealth will be

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