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Lent Et Douloureux


And what if?
No ifs as one can say
We all live in a tiny conscious statue of life
Reminding ourselves of what we like about it
And how the closest ones are near
Nevertheless, we crave something more
Something ginormous, gorgeously enlivening
All of that

Only to say in the very last breath how we feel
How we feel something is missing
No, it is not
Is this why you fought?
This is what we call choice
In a matter of fact, we all know
The difficulty lies in not being able to admit it
Because yes
You were given a spot on this miraculously crowded big piece by the name of earth
And yes
Your life came out as it was supposed to be
But there is a big BUT in this story
There ain't no single fact, case, prove, saying, quote, research
There ain't not a single thing that will give you the exact answer you are looking for
The only case that matters is yourself
And there isn't a single plane that can take you there
No single person that can show you the way
No blood, no tear
Neither a single peer
Feel what you feel
Break the wheel
Because that is the only way
The only way you'll know when something is real


I love how this piece seems so easy when in reality is complicated. Seems that it can be played by anyone who has a little knowledge of playing the piano yet no-one can. Despite the actual notes being straightforward what counts is how a person plays them.

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