Give Him the Blame

Updated on January 23, 2018


The Cavs success over the last years.
Means nothing this year.
With this current roster.
They just may be in trouble.
Losing consecutive games multiple times.
Taking the league by surprise.
But to some, it's none at all.
That roster's old. It was bound to fall.
Losing big at home to OKC thunder.
Making the fans really wonder.
Wondering why Cavs keep losing.
The Cavs are underachieving.
By the way, the east is constructed.
There's no reason to panic.
They'd be fresh by the finals.
But in the Land, there is some denial.
Denial about the problem.
Hoping the organization will solve them.
Ignoring why Cavs look to go under.
Not admitting that Lebron's not making them better.
Cavs do not need any help.
Just needs Lebron to look at himself.
He gets credit when they're winning.
And his team gets it when they're losing.

This is the logic of Lebron fans.
This is the logic of Lebron fans.


Gilbert Arenas has been critical of James.
Been critical since leaving the game.
The guy that was known as Agent O.
Has put that Lebron is No.
Is no top option for a team.
Informing the world that he needs.
A player that's fearless.
One that keeps trying.
One that never stays down.
One that defends his crown.
Keeping his team afloat.
With his fearless approach.
His history says what he is.
Gilbert explained the type of player he is.
Lebron is no doubt a great player.
But LeBron is also overrated.
All he offers are stats.
His teams never get any credit.
Since he gets credit for winning?
Why not credit him for losing?
The truth Arenas told it.
Lebron is really just a sidekick.

King Fraud

Cavs have been beaten.
By double-digit margins.
Losing in sports happens.
But something's wrong with Cavs defense.
The offense has its issue.
But one can't ignore the truth.
The truth must be addressed.
Lebron is not the best.
Doesn't take away from the man.
He's a great father with a plan.
To honor his family.
But he is not leading.
His success means nothing on the court.
It's time the nation make a choice.
Is LeBron really a king?
Because he allows his following.
To crumble on the road.
Even worse when it happens on his throne.

Lebron is the Problem

Its Cavs 4th year with Lebron back.
The team seems to take a similar track.
A similar track to Miami's 4th.
Getting older players to run the fort.
The eastern conference looks similar.
Miami gave a better effort.
With leaders like Bosh and wade.
Lebron's Cavs prove it wasn't LeBron James.
Their effort is poor.
Because his effort is poor.
He may have the numbers.
But his teammates suffer.
Reading rumors on social media.
Lebron's fans tweet that he needs help.
Degrading the other players.
Ignoring that Lebron's the problem.


Not negating Lebron James stats.
But its time to reveal a few facts.
The Cleveland Cavs were never better.
Just a team with a entertainer.
From 2003 to 2010.
Lebron was entertaining.
Entertaining his cavs team.
Then ran to heat to get his first ring.
Went back to where it started.
Got more younger talent.
Got a new, successful coach.
Lebron wasted no time to approach.
The cavs started the season.
Looking to fulfill a promise.
To obtain a championship.
But ended up losing it.
They tried it again.
Looking to lose it again.
Down big in a series.
But somehow ended up winning.
Lebron was the MVP.
His fans were discrediting.
Discrediting the team.
But recognize them when their losing.

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© 2018 Ryan Jarvis Cornelius


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