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Leaving What You Are for What You Want to Be #2

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It is never too late for anyone to discover his/herself in life. Discovering this talent of writing makes me feel elated...


Using himself as example, it has always be in his mind to be a farmer, however, because

His parents wants him to become an accountant he has gone to school to study accountancy,

But during the process of working with the certificate, he discovers that he was not happy and

When he could raise some money he decides to start farming albeit on a low scale level

And then from there he started expanding the farm works and when he was doing this he

Discovers that whenever he heads for the farmland he is always happy, the happiness which

He cannot compare with going to office. As he continues in the field he started gaining

Recognition in the island as one of the major entrepreneurs who is adding to the gross

Domestic of the island. When he sees so many ways in which he has influenced the lives of

People within the island, he decides to retire from the office work to face farm work

Squarely and he has never regretted doing so, because that has been his age long dream, even

When there has been no technological innovations into the agricultural world. By this he

Could say with him that what one has in mind when one is young to become usually has

Something doing in most cases with one’s destiny. He therefore supports his dream and gives

Him advise on how to go about it and yet maintain the legacies of his parents, for he believes

By the time he finishes his academics, he will be able to marry them together and

Positively influence the island. After saying this, the young man was happy and started to

Raise someone of noble character up to manage the business. He secured admission and was

Only examining what they were doing. The person he raised up was faithful to him and

Did not allow people to destroy the company. The year of his graduation was the year the

Man who counseled him die. His death pained him greatly because he has always been there

For him, he often times take pain to audit the accounts of the company to ensure that

Things are up and running in the company. When he graduates from the institution, he was

Able to establish hospital in the island, and with time could partner with pharmacists and

Alma Mater Song

Other relevant bodies to establish a pharmaceutical company in the island. When he looks

Back to the past and how he has been able to weather the storms, he was full of thanks to God

His uncle who has given him wonderful counsel when he thought all hopes were gone and he

Could not achieve his dreams again in the world. He was invited to a talk to the pupils by

The teachers of his alma Mater and he talks to the pupils on the need to leave what they are

Now for what they want to become, sharing his mind to them on the need to have a dream,

Know deep within them what they want to become in the future and when they have

Discovered what they wanted to become, they should give it all it takes to becoming that,

They should not spend their times on the present trivial things that would hinder their

Progress and thence prevent them from becoming what they have in mind becoming. He

Narrated his experience to them and how he has been assisted by his uncle, for his words of

Counsel really helped him and now that his business has become diversified, he cannot but

Always bless him for being such a wonderful counselor. In it all, the onus is on them to

Give it all it takes to becoming the person they have in mind to become. Things may not

Come as they had thought it would come when they are young, but as they continue to take

A day at a time, take a step at a time, everything would fall into right places if they are

Focused to become what is in their heart to become and through that they would be able to

Move the island forward positively. The spokesperson of the students appreciated him for his

Words and pray that God would continue to expand his horizon.


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