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Leaving What You Are for What You Want to Be #1

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His father is a successful business man in the island. Before he becomes a success in the

Business he got married to the lover of his youth and they started weathering the storms

Of the business life together. Ten years after their wedding, his wife took in and gave birth

To a baby boy, who happened to be him. However, as the culture and the religion of the

Island, anyone who gives birth to a child is yet considered barren. Having developed thick

Skin to not taken another woman in marriage he continued to live his life. However, the

Parents of his wife called her to tell her that she should counsel his husband to get marry

To another woman because people of the island have been saying that she has used magical

Powers on her husband. She counseled her husband to get married to another woman as the

Culture of the island demands. After so much pressure from her, he agrees but he says he

Will not allow those women he will be married to, to live under the same roof with them,

Because of his strong love for her, for she has passed through hell with him and now that

Things are positively turning around for them she should eat the dividend of her labor

He says to her. His wife agrees, to this stating that all she wants is his happiness and she will

Not be happy if he does not do what the culture demands of able men since the Supreme one

Has turned around positively their fortunes for who could say their businesses would

Change as it has presently? Even they cannot assuredly say they had the thought of it some

Years back. He agrees and built houses for those women he got married to apart from the

House that he lives in with his wife and his only son. One out of the three women he got

Married to also gave birth to a baby boy while the rest two did not give birth to children.

He developed serious sickness sometimes after the woman put to bed and as if he had known

That he will die, he called those other women telling them what their portions of his

Inheritances were and set them free as he handed over all his business empire and other

Properties to the son from his most loved wife. After his death the loved wife took over

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The administration of the businesses and after the son has finished from high school he

Was called by his mother to come and assume the position of leadership of the company

Saying she will soon go to meet her husband in the world beyond. Her son though do not

Understand the full weight of what her mother says until when the woman died. After

Mourning her death he started working there, but he was not contented working there, for

His mind was on becoming something else. Though he has money at his fingertips, and was

Controlling many people, yet he was not contented. Then one day, one man who is a

Relative of his late mother visited him and while discussing with him he told him that he is

Not happy. The man thinks maybe it was because he was yet to be married and says he will

Arrange for him a good woman who will give him happiness, but he told him that his

Sadness has nothing to do with marriage what brought about his sadness is his inability to

Do what has been in his heart since his childhood days. The man asks to know what it is that

Has been in his heart even before his parents demise which he has not been able to

Accomplish and he told him that he wishes to become a medical doctor and unlike many

Other courses in the island, the course has to be offered on a full-time basis. If he leaves

The business he will not be sure of what will happen to the business. The man sighed and

Says he understands him, telling him that if that is what he desires to do in life, he has no

Option than pursuing his dream, this is because somehow what one has in mind to become

When one is young has relationship with one’s destiny, he says.


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