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Learning to Fish


They never remember all the times you said “yes”

But they’ll never forget the one time you said “no”

Envious of all of your riches

Without trusting their own process

Though we’ve been friends since long, long ago

I can’t simply gift you the fruits of my labor

I’ll happily show you the techniques I used

But you’ll have to work hard to make the seeds grow

I heard the things you said behind my back

What a villain I am for not handing you everything

Your words cut deep, wounding my soul

But if you ask, I’ll still help you get on track

Because friends are people we care for

Not stocks we wish skyrocket in the future

On your best day, I’ll celebrate by your side

On your worst day, I’ll pick you up off the floor

All I ask is that you stand on your own two

If you lean on me too long we’ll both fall

I offer you all the knowledge at my disposal

What you do with it is up to you

© 2022 Wolfe Rygaard

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