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Learning from the Past #2

It is never too late for anyone to discover his/herself in life. Discovering this talent of writing makes me feel elated...


She rushed herself to balance the loan she has taken and applied for more as her

Limits could take. The board of committee approving the loan at the cooperative

Never suspected anything because she has been one of the respected figures in the

Group, she pays her loans well before time and has been forthcoming in other

Things of the group. After this loan has been approved to her she invested the money

In a business which she has neither tried before, nor had an idea about, all she was

Banking on was what the person who introduced her to the business had said, she

Did not use a dime out of the new loan she collected on her former business. Within

Fifteen or thirty days she would be in millions that was what the person who introduced

Her to the business have said. Days started counting, but no positive changes have

Been noticed by her. Her original business starts to suffer because the stocked goods are

Going down she has not been buying new products into her store, she whose business

Has become the talk of the town, people’s comments about her business start to

Change when they could not get what they want from her store, yet the person still

Talking to her that things would change. Months have been rolling by and it has become

Extremely difficult to pay back the loan she has taken on a monthly basis as she has

Been doing before. The loan approval committee on noticing this calls a meeting on her

Case and she was invited into the committee to know what the matter with her business


Has been, because her failure to repay her loan as and when due has been affecting the

Group negatively because it is the money they gathered together among themselves that

They lend out to people. She opens up to them telling the committee leaderships what her

Error has been, she has been introduced to a business she has neither tried nor had

A knowledge about and the business has failed, all her investments into the business

Had been lost. She, however, promises the committee that she will seek for means of

Paying up the loan so that the group would not collapse like other cooperatives in

The island. The building she has been building she sold off at a lower rate and sold

Other things to raise the money she has borrowed and pay it back. After the repayment

She starts from the scratch again building her business back, but this was not an

Easy task because her error in judgment has made lose some of her customers to the

Emerging business entrepreneurs in the island. Well because of the name she has

Built she could still make some impacts. Having learnt in a bitter way she would

Not listen to anyone who comes to her again for any new business propositions that

She has neither experience on nor tried before.