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Learning from the Past #1

Mrs Kemi nee Ogundare, Business woman

Mrs Kemi nee Ogundare, Business woman

She is a good business woman, who has been making waves in the

Neighborhood, in the recent times the demand for what she is selling has

Increased, she needs money to meet up with the people’s demands. To achieve

This she has joined a group of people who come together to form a unit where

They would be lending themselves money at a minimal interest. This group is

Known as cooperative group and has been said to be established in the 1800s by

A German, when people from other countries and continents studied what

Cooperative entails, they have been forming it locally, and this does not exempt her

Island. She however was oblivion of this until her friend introduces her to it when she

Told her of her plight. For security reasons, no one could just join the group, for

History has it that when the group was first formed in the island, and some people

Who were not of good records were allowed to join the group, they have arranged

Robbers to be laying ambush for those who collect loans from the group and

Stealing the loans collected from the group. Initially the people thought it was mere

Coincidence, but when the wave of the incident rises, they decide to look into the

Cause, after months of investigation, they were able to get to the root of the matter

And thereby know that there were insiders who were feeding those robbers about

Those who would collect loans. After bringing those people to book, they have

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Restructured the group, and would not allow anyone whose background and source

Of income is not known to join the group, neither let anyone know their meeting

Days. These were the reasons why this woman does not know about the group, however,

When she heard about this, she desired more than ever to join the group, for it is

Time for her to boost her business. After she has been inducted into the group, and had

Spent the minimum numbers of days required, she applied for her first loan and was

Granted. After receiving the loan she pumped it into her business and as expected

The business picked up, she was able to meet with the demands of her teeming

Customers. Before the expected date of repayment she has repaid her loans and

Applied for huge amount. Since she has not default in the earlier loan, she was

Granted the loan immediately. Again, she pumped it into her business and now she

Has become the talk of the entire island, for her business has been growing like grasses.

She continued like this, impressing the group which she belongs and meeting with

The demands of her customers. Five years after this, she started her own building where

She would be storing her goods. Then she met with someone during this time who

Introduced her to a business she has no idea about. This person with sugar coated

Mouth convinced her into going into the business citing different examples of people who

Have ventured into such business and made it. Then she decides to give this business a trial.