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Learning From People

Shahi Nur has written many free-style poems in Wattpad both long and short ones. She has been writing poetry for 4 years and counting.

It might not always be easy to take criticism, but don't shun it away, LISTEN!


Learning, Observing, Believing = Knowledge

There's no age for learning,
You can learn from anyone and everyone,
Sometimes your parents teach you or your elders,
But sometimes you end up learning from a kid,

No matter the shapes or sizes,
No matter from whom you hear,
Whether you like it or not,
Take heed to learning,
Always acknowledge the knowledge you get,
You might not like it, but keep it in mind,
You might end up using it at the right time,

'Cause when dangers around,
When you can't think straight,
When everything goes wrong,
And you don't know where to turn,
That's when knowledge comes around,
That's the test of your mind,

Use your learning, all the experience you have,
And fight the situation, as the gladiators in their colloseums,
'Cause life will always test you, always give you lemons,
You just need to know how,
How to turn them into tasty supplements,

So take heed to learning,
Even if it comes from your annoying little brother,
In my case, the unbearable elder one,
Or even from your nosy dear mother,
Act all tough and as nonchalant as you like,
But keep the information given in your mind,

'Cause sometimes even the most stupidest idea,
Can become a life changing element when need arise!
And even a small basic information,
Can lead to the discovery of the gravity of life,
And then if you didn't care to listen,
They get the satisfaction of the "I told you so" moment,
Which no one really likes to hear!

Criticism much?

© 2020 Shahi Nur Sultana

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