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Learning Appropriate Measures of Humanity

Heather has a Bachelor's Degree in English from Moravian College and has been freelance writing for more than 13 years.

Trying to turn over a new leaf is very difficult

Especially when real life seemed a million miles away

Locked in working from home in pajamas and no make-up

Forgot how to wear heels and proper workplace attire

Especially when in the company of one for close to 2 years

Distanced from large groups becoming the norm

Not knowing whether to trust someone isn't sick or not

Inappropriate to ask that question; always wondering though

Wonder when the uncertainty will stop and some version of peace

Will kick in and make everyone in the general vicinity a little calmer

World too angry of a place to be active in

Protests blocking off routine activity and rational thoughts

Thought this was Saturday Night Live when realizing that it's Thursday

And the Six o'clock news instead of a comedy sketch show

Disturbing how news and satire blended a little too well

Making it nearly impossible to separate between the two

Fully aware that even life on the internet had a disconnect as well

Starting to realize that social media is a semi-con

A way for people to put on the ultimate disguise for clout

Pretending to be cooler and more popular than in reality

Stirring up controversies to get more eyes on their profiles

Creating unnecessary and pointless drama for unknown reasons

Except out of spite and a desperate need for attention

Is anyone actually capable of telling the truth anymore?

Difficult to say when everyone smiled with fingers crossed behind them

Focusing more on within instead of what's going on outside

Seems to be a better plan of attack this time

Determining when declarations of sentiment can be uttered

Without appearing to be a pathetic sap making others cringe

A challenge unable to master at the present time

Hindering the last long relationship before the world went mad

Deciding when it was cool to be affectionate without looking clingy

Tiring of measuring feelings, thoughts and actions

Ready to take a vacation from controlled actions

Zeroing in more on simply being in the moment

Not looking too far ahead and giving up pretending to be cool.

Never was to begin with.

Wondering what the difference was between fact and fiction of each social media post.

Wondering what the difference was between fact and fiction of each social media post.

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