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Learn With Open Eyes

I like to take photos with smartphone camera, and hence I search different apps to check and thus I like to discover new apps.

Learn with open eyes

The sea is large enough just as I see,

The beach is cool enough ever for me.

The trees are beautiful I know well,

The season is quite fair as it should be.

The looks of the nature is so light today;

My feelings are quite good I would say.

The unique power is of human eyes

That can be impressive below the skies.

The looks of the sky above is quite nice,

Being someone, as grown up, I can arise.

My curious senses look forward to know;

Enhancing my vision always to grow.

The land under the sea and that, above

Are all equipped with something to love.

See with the eyes opened you have,

You will learn so much as you are brave.

© 2020 Syed Mainul Hassan

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