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Learn to Fail

Dean Traylor is a freelance writer and teacher who writes about various subjects, including education and creative writing.


One day

You’ll walk with titans.

One day

You’ll march with kings.

One day

You’ll stand tall

Above all.



Learned to fail.


Nobody starts

At the top,

Nobody starts

Being great.

Nobody starts

Winning it all.


‘Cause we all

Start somewhere

And somewhere

Is down there,

At the bottom.

You must learn to fail

Get bruised

And bloodied.

You must learn

To get knocked down

And feel like a clown.


But, feel that pain

Feel that fall

Remember it!

Learn from it!

Pick yourself up,

And keep doing that

Everytime you fail

‘till , finally…

You can walk with titans.

You can march with kings.

You can stand tall a superhuman being.

Most importantly,

You can be the greatest

Of them all.

After you’ve learned

To fail.

(for Garet and Caleb)


© 2021 Dean Traylor