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"Leaping Lily Pads" - Poem of Inspiration

I have written and published many poems all my life, including a self-published poetry book.

Lily pads in a lake in Nature

Lily pads in a lake in Nature

"Leaping Lily Pads"

I'm leaping lily pads to my achievements.

I'm hoping they don't sink me.

Eyes wide; focused - breathe

Like peanuts bursting at the seam.

My breath is a subtle wind,

Rustling in and out seamlessly.

Hunger itches from inside me.

I find my supper easily.

My base is my safe haven,

As I punch down on the computer keys.

I reach out to my goal,

On my path, I pick up each of the seeds.

I'm safe in my skin,

Surrounded by my own trees.

My evergreen tree of love grows

Where my family is the foundation.

It branches out to all I care for

With careful consideration.

You opened my heart

Like a book about a hummingbird,

And for once a romance connection

Does not seem absurd.

I'm leaping lily pads strung by a thin vine

To my achievements burning deep in me.

I'm driven by my thoughts

Like a shot of green tea.

My dignity is a puffy cloud

Rising to unreachable heights -

Though I do not mind

Other souls' guiding lights.

I stay grounded - connected -

As I gain weight in knowledge and advice.


Life is just what it is and

Stars fall in the sky where they're meant to be.

Let's strike up the jazz band of nature,

And dance all together in glee.

The path is always there

To solve the hurdles;

I'll paint and smudge the blank canvas

To keep myself from going in circles.

My mind and soul is a clear glass,

Fragile but yet strong

To hold a great presence of what is right.

Pausing in sudden silence,

I jump into the lake off the lily pad trampolines

And I'm swimming to my dreams tonight.


© 2012 Alyssa Scheidemann

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