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Leadership takes time and effort. One must have a natural gift for the corporate or competitive world. My poem is an ode to every working person who wears a suit to their jobs, learning along the way the mindset and characteristics of how to climb the ladder of success. I am personally just a blogger and a poet at heart. I hope to be successful with this writing platform with my work. I have learned that the world doesn't stop for anyone. It keeps going at a super fast pace. We must all try to keep up the best we can even if were not a working individual.

If, you are a working professional, My hope is that this poem inspires you. The title of my poem below is the suited.

The Suited

Their suits said it

all as they entered

the room

sharp in character

Personalities that gleamed

with vigorous


An trait that modeled itself

like new

mahogany furniture

Respect wasn't far


lending its hand like

charm to these

great minds

Money is now earned in

heavy rotation like

newspaper prints

The sky has become

the limit

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