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Le Papier

Since the moment I held a pencil I've been creating with drawings and words. I believe paintings enlighten and poems entice our thoughts.


As a visual artist we understand the frustration of not knowing when a painting is considered complete. I wrote this poem as a fun way to deal with that unknown. Every painting has a start and finish. We have to be brave when we start a new painting and when we end the piece. It's always a challenge.

Autumn Leaves by Mary Borges (aka ML Borges)

Autumn Leaves by Mary Borges (aka ML Borges)

Le Papier

There it sits,

Smirking at me.

All four corners,

Crisp and clean.

Colors entice my imagination

Images appear

My mind’s movie screen shutters, flash freezes.

Graphite weaves forms on the paper.

Buttery paints

Glisten with wet,

Wander into union

With the swaying brush.

I stand back…accept,

Add another color

A wedding pastor’s commitment

Dab, doodle, and swirl.

Honor each color

Love every swirl

Dance with my doodles

Cast a final swish.

Make a statement of claim

Sign my name,

Set the paper free.

© 2020 Mary Borges

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