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Laying Around Till I Have To Leave Town


Perfect Timing

Up early to start my day

Planning many thoughts that never leave my head

I soon crawl back to bed

Only to take in some extra sleep

It is cold and raw outside

A great day to hide inside

Relaxing like our cat

Learning to forget about everything

Snuggling into a blanket

Is my favorite place

The time on the wall

Tells me I have to get moving

Get changed and ready for work

A quick shave

Eat and ready to go

Another day driving off to work

It makes so many things possible

Working even when we don't want to


DREAM ON (author) on November 22, 2020:

Brenda Arledge My wife keeps saying I am coming back as a cat. What a life. Sleep and eat all day. We both have about twelve more years before retirement. We have gone this far let's just end with a bang and finish off both our careers on a good note. I don't mind work when I get there. When I am home boy do I love hanging around. Thank you so much for reading and sharing. How many more years before you retire? Maybe we can all retire together. There is so much to do when you have to go to work. Have a lovely night. Most of all have a great day at work.

BRENDA ARLEDGE from Washington Court House on November 22, 2020:

I feel your words. It would be so great yo just snuggle beneath the covers like our kitties...relax away the day.

But like you said....it makes alot of things possible.

Take care.

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