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Lay Me to Rest

A pitiful image,

A bleak cutting echo,

Distorted by foolish hope.

Tainted by cruel deceitful hearts,

That filled the mind with sweet insincerity.

A spirit diminished,

Crushed by fear and relentless shame,

Persecuted until hollow.

Wrecked, spoiled, desolated.

A soul beyond repair,

Pushed to its most indignant extremities.

Debased, sullied and defiled,

In past, present and future.

As deliverance remains unattainable.

An endless perseverance is dutifully enacted,

To bridge this repugnant unabated time,

That has crawled into existence,

Until embedded beneath this flesh.

Yet each unforgiving moment,

Is hastened by the hour,

Insisting this body is laid to rest.

© 2021 Alana Bembridge

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