Lavish Christians

Updated on January 18, 2018

When you realize that every breath is a gift from God. When you realize how small you are but how much he loves you. That he, JESUS will die, the son of GOD himself on earth just weep. Loving GOD is like my being black. I Just am

— Angela Basset


The acting industry puts many Christians.
In the most compromising positions.
Despite their well-deserved reputation.
Christians in Hollywood are limited.
There are some that are unabashed.
Their status is big so they get a pass.
They determine where their life is headed.
Playing roles that don't reflect Christian living.
All for the sake of money.
In Christianity, there is little money.
Maybe, that's how GOD wants it.
As Christians, there should be limits.
We shouldn't be poor or super rich.
We display false abundance.
Playing roles just to live lavish.
Vanity has no place in heaven.
I love the rags to riches story.
But GOD's supposed to get the Glory.

Mel Gibson

MEL GIBSON is highly known.
Early, he was on the throne.
Sitting with the legends.
He was already chosen.
His started acting in the 70's.
Took his career in the 90's.
He was known on the big screen.
He also is known off the big screen.
He was born and raised Catholic.
He lived by the doctrine.
He praised his wife's practices.
Hoping others came to salvation.
He stressed the meaning.
In 2004 he was directing.
Co-Writing and Producing.
One of the best Christian movies.

Angela Basset

ANGELA BASSET is a great actress.
But there was always something.
Something about how she carries herself.
It's her integrity that often helps.
She's a woman of dignity.
She will not just take any.
Does not just take any role.
It's on record that she has told.
The L.A times about GOD's gift.
Those little words begin to lift.
Lift up the country.
Displaying Christ love in her acting.
She's a long time worshipper.
With a well-known actor.
Displaying her faith in her life.
Worshipping at Church of God in Christ.

Denzel Washington

One of the industry's best actors.
He worships with his good friend Angela.
Angela Basset in L.A.
This guy continues to display.
Display who GOD is.
Despite him rarely saying it.
His dignity and integrity.
Its even displayed in his movies.
He's a known and loved figure.
Despite being rich and Oscar winner.
What's displayed in the little things?
Will eventually be turned into bigger things.

Martha Williamson

Willamson made her life a show.
She wanted all to know.
That GOD is so good to her.
Keeping her free of danger.
Honoring GOD with her skills.
This is something that she's thrilled.
She is thrilled to do at all times.
The more she does it, the more she shines.
She believes in angels.
She's been touched by an angel.
She's launching an inspirational blog.
Proving that she will never stop.


Serving GOD is a privilege.
But many stars neglect to do it.
Some say it but their roles.
Do not display what they're supposed.
What they are supposed to do.
Why play a role that's not you?
If you're male, why dress like a female?
Sending signals that are guaranteed to fail.
Riches are not everything.
Without GOD is means nothing.
Keep GOD first. Be about his work.
Don't let the industry define your worth.
There are surely shaky starts.
But be sure to never depart.

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    © 2018 Ryan Jarvis Cornelius



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